IKEA Credit Card

IKEA Credit Card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank ("GECRB"). It has an online application form and a log in page that users can use to be able to conveniently access their personal accounts anytime and anywhere. You can sign in to check your account balance, sign up for paperless billing, make payments on your account, and more! All information is secure. IKEA is setting a Credit limit for an Account from time to time and they have the privilege to change it periodically. IKEa will tell its customers what their current Credit Limit is on each statement of Account. You will not allow your Debt at any time to exceed your Credit Limit. However, they may (but are not required to, even if we have done so before) permit that Debt to exceed your Credit Limit. Upon signing the registration form, you shoudl be able to understand that the use of your Card and Account may be suspended, at the company's discretion, if your Credit Limit is exceeded.

IKEA Credit Card is not only a convenient way to pay at IKEA. It also manages to offer various benefits incorporated in your online card registration and account access. For instance, there are occasional exclusive invitations to sale previews and other exclusive cardholder events. There is also a guaranteed IKEA catalogue - hot off the press and direct to your door, before it's in the store. There will be an IKEA "room" magazine delivered to your door 4 times a year and early, detailed updates and IKEA news. There will be also information direct from your local store so you can be the first to know what's happening and of course, updates on design ideas and home furnishing inspiration. IKEA also offers an enticing interest free credit for 55 days (only in selected markets) and IKEA Home Cards are issued subject to approval and terms vary by market. There will also be flexible credit limits and repayment terms and various In-store offers. There are additional cards and temporary cards available with no annual fee.


The application form for the credit card also states that if your Card allows you to earn loyalty rewards with a loyalty program operated by the Merchant or a third party entity (the “Loyalty Program Operator”), you acknowledge that: (i) if you do not have an account with the Loyalty Program Operator they may, but are not obliged to, ask the Loyalty Program Operator to open an account in the name of the Applicant only and not in the name of any Co-Applicant.

With the use of your IKEA Credit Card, you can shop at the wide variety of IKEA online collection and receive discounts. If you require more information about the IKEA Credit Card application process, you should not hesitate to look through the links we provided (the application URL and the Login URL for the IKEA Credit Card). Remember that the application form includes the terms and conditions and other information regarding the credit card. You should read this carefully to know what pros or cons (if there are any) that you might get as a member card holder.